When it comes to your daily morning skin care routine, the variety of products on the market can be quite confusing. If you have more than 2 serums what do you use first? And what about eye cream? That's when I turn to my favourite specialist, Caroline Hirons who always offers some great advice. 

Our bodies and minds love consistency— a solid routine and a set of morning rituals can brighten one’s day and kickstart it on a perfect tune. Having a morning routine is key to improving your overall quality of life and how you feel on a day to day basis.

The main point of the morning routine is to prep your skin for the day.

Some may ask, is it really important to clean your face in the morning? You might  wake up with a slight glow on your face - it's called sweat - you should clean it.

Cleanse – any non-foaming cleanser is fine. Milk, balm (a little), gel – as long as it doesn’t turn your face into a foam bath – carry on. You can also use the same cleanser as you use in the evening, it totally works. But if you want to play it fancy, use at least 3 cleanser - an eye makeup remover, milk cleanser and balm cleanser. 

Exfoliating (acid) lotion – most brands make exfoliating/acid products that you use at the traditional ‘toner’ stage.

Lower your skin’s PH.

Spray hydrate – It’s the start of the hydrating process and it can really wake you up. You can use whatever hydrating flower mist/water that you like. You can also use your traditional ‘toner’ at this stage – as long as its main function is to hydrate – it would preferably have glycerin or hyaluronic acid in there somewhere but a good quality rosewater etc is also fine. 

Eye cream – don’t apply your eye cream last. No matter how careful you apply your serums/moisturisers you will always get some in the eye area and then your eye cream won’t absorb where you want it to. Pointless.

Serum/Oils – Serums – especially water-based ones, are first. Next, a couple of drops of facial oil (if you are using one), topped off with your moisturiser.

Moisturiser – choose your moisturiser by your skin type, not condition. Your moisturiser is your coat/protection.

Remember nothing ‘mattifying’. Skin is not designed to be ‘matte’. As above – your skin has plenty of time to be matte when you’re dead. If you know you are excessively oily, just go for light hyaluronic acid serums and oil-free moisturisers. No need to force the issue. Leave that to your makeup.

The most important aspect of morning routine is to make it a routine. Be consistent and follow the same pattern with discipline, and you will witness the amazing variations from one day to another. May you wake up every morning with hopefulness and meet the better version of yourself.