About us

The TE Dreamers Club is inspired by elements of a retro club atmosphere, the classic ‘pretty woman’ and the American high school style. It combines extreme romantic, lacy, floral ambiance with a world of loose, punk style so everyone can find pieces that fit their own individuality. In addition to TE shoes, a leather jacket, linen shirt and many new items are expected, all of which will represent the TE style.
The birth of each piece consists of a careful, step-by-step hand-designed process and a demanding selection of materials. The shapes are made so that every age, for every season, will find their own special dream piece.
After a long time, I realized I couldn’t find the perfect shoe and I realized it was time to create my own dream shoes. In nature, different moods, flowers, buildings, natural materials inspire me - out of which new models are born for each season. I hope you also find your dream shoes here!
The products can be purchased online through the webshop, but you can also view them in person in the 320DTLA Flagship Store in Budapest. If you have any questions or requests, you can reach me on Instagram, on phone, or by email.